Isibanisezwe Beating Drug Addiction

Courtesy: East Bay Times

Non-Profit Organisation Isibanisezwe raising drug awareness at Mayville, G.A Cato crest library.

Even though many awareness’s have been made but Mayville community strongly believes not enough have been done for them. The reason for the high rate of unemployment, criminals and poor future lies in the hands of drugs.

During this campaign Mayville Secondary school boys that are already drowning in drugs,  were the one invited to attend, get advices and be told truth on their route their taken off course drugs. The boys had no time, their behaviour was absolutely unacceptable. They saw no need to be there.

“I’m might be offended by your behaviour, but if that’s what its take to build a better future for you, to make you aware how dangerous are drug, to tell you that * zifa ngamvunye* (you can do it as a group but one day you will be alone in that), you are not only harming yourself but we are all affected by your wrong doings, than let it be” said 26 years old Lwandise Thoko , the secretary of Isibanisezwe organisation and deputy secretary at Cato Manor Clinic.

These are the things we face on daily basis but our aim is to change them and build a better future, he said.

The society is largely affected by the drugs especially Woonga and the government has not done anything in order to address this issue. Bongani Mhlongo around his 30s as one of the community members said “if we can take a look at 95% of Chesterville youth, they are at universities, driving fancy cars and if we come back to 95% of Mayville, it is *amaphara* drug addicts. Be happy that you are under this roof right now, your soul can be saved, you still

have time to change and remember your future is in your hands.”

The reason for youth to end up throwing themselves into drugs can be that they are bored having nothing to do, peer pressure from friends, wanting to have fun, wanting to release stress also it can be family related matters without knowing that the can get stucked inside.

This organisation aim to improve, enrich and make awareness’s to build a better tomorrow Mayville. This organisation deliver services to Great Cato Manor which has four wards Chesteville ward 124, Richview ward 29, ward 30 and Mayville ward 101.

The organisation was founded in 16 November 2016 by a young open minded 21-year-old Sbongo Hlongwane. It became registered under Department of Social Development in July 2017.The objective is to liberate the intellectual of a black child, because the mind of a child is land and it has a potential to utilise it meaningfully.

On June last year DSD started funding this organisation because they saw its working on betterment of the community. Even though but what they give sometimes is not enough, they have to also put something in the table as the members in order for the event to go well.

“We aim to instil positive by different initiatives that are directed to young people. Our voice is very essential as we portray that we are the present leaders and creating free space, it is the weapon, it’s what makes us alive, keep the passion and vision alive. Volunteering is a very paying job, it unleashes happiness which we can’t use money to buy and going to bed knowing that I’ve done something to help someone change their lives it means a lots.” Said Hlongwane

Friday 25 May 2018 10:00GMT [CWSN] Nyamezele Hlophe

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