When Zulu King came to visit the Gaza envelope

On the days when there is diplomatic tension between South Africa and Israel, the king of the Zulu tribe, a very important tribe in the country, arrived to visit the Gaza envelope at the request of the Foreign Ministry. ”

I understand there are people who have an interest in saying that there is apartheid, but without coming here, they imply feed on the media,” he said in an interview with” Offer Haddad.

Zulu King, Nkosi Zwelakhe Mthethwa, visited Thursday in the Gaza vicinity communities – and this is no joke, this is a very important tribe in South Africa with representatives of the ruling party. South Africa has been harshly criticizing Israel in recent years and has been vigorously opposed to international institutions, giving it considerable diplomatic significance

Monday 20 August 2018 09:00GMT [Israel News]

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