Leukaemia claims music producer’s life

South African musician Bongani Cele better known as Sir Bubzin loses Leukaemia battle, Friday 17th August.

Cele died at King Edward VIII Hospital in Durban. The noble and none fanfare, creative and well celebrated South African artist, regardless of some of the biggest Kwaito hits on his belt till his last day remained humble. The death of Bubzin came as a great shock to the entertainment industry but mostly his family.

“We only found out about that he had leukaemia when he was hospitalised, but we didn’t know claim his life so quickly.” Said Nhlanhla Cele

According to CANSA 100 000 South Africans are diagnosed with cancer each year and 6/10 is the survival rate.

The Sunflower Fund organisation urges community members to become more aware of such disorders, participate in anti-cancer and pro-life activities to ensure that they absorb relevant and helpful education that can come in handy and safe the life of their loved one.

“We need to create more awareness around leukaemia  and other blood related disorders especially when it comes to the transplant. People have misconception that there’s going to be drilling into bones, its not.” Said Tanith King

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