10 Amazing Facts about the human Brain

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The brain is online but a three-pound organ made of cerebrum, the brainstem and the cerebellum trapped in a skull bones. Its life purpose is the control of the body’s majority activities such as processing, integration and coordination of information received from the sense organs and making decisions in the instructions sent to the rest of the body, in partnership with the spinal cord it is said to be the body’s central nervous system. A amygdala brain agent is assigned with emotional reactions, from the positive stimulus experience when eating a cake or seeing an old friend to the negative generation of the fear to be mugged and hurt in the dark.

  1. We often hear that ,’water is life’ and take this lightly, well according to science a 90minute sweat without hydration can cause brain matter to shrink, cause it to work harder to process information and if durations are prolonged without the consumption of its 73% make up being water a decline in memory will effect.
  2. The brain is the fattiest organ in the body with a 60% total of imperative fatty acids whose function is to ensure the optimum performance of the organ, which is almost fully developed by age six and weighs only three-pounds.
  3. Most of us only come across the word,’cholestoral’in our doctor’s room, dietitians or healthy eating guides and all the above its negative. Well, the brain will to most of us be the first organ to claim benefits of its presence. The brain holds 25% of the body’s total cholesterol holding it so dear that without its sufficiency brain cells will die.
  4. Oxegen is life to the brain, cerebral hypoxia –oxygen deprived for even just 5minutes can cased the death of brain cells which can lead to brain damage. This occurrence can be caused by several incidences such as: breathing in smoke, choking, cardiac arrest, drowning, drug overdose and more.
  5. Every piece of the three-pound organ contains thousands of neurons and one billion synapses each one plays a role in the conversations with the others.
  6. The brain contains 10,000 neurons which are not al the same. the two main cells are neurons and glia, the presence and functional ability of these cells becomes the life of the central Nevours System –CNS which is responsible for how we move the body and use our minds.
  7. For every passing minute, the heart sends as much as 750-1,000 milliliters of blood flow to the brain in adult bodies and 105ml to 100g/min in children.
  8. 13 milliseconds are all the brain needs to process images captured by the eye. According to findings by scientis in the journal Attention, Perception findings affirmed that vision looks for concepts and that’s one of the main preoccupations of the brain all day to understand what we see.
  9. As the global gender equality struggle between men and women continues and as we seek to understand reasons why men feel and see themselves superior to women, science tells us the size of their brain is 10%bigger, perhaps they instinctively know this fact and then women yet the area responsible for memory remains bigger in women.
  10. In recent years scientist confirms the saddest truth that the concentration span of the human brain has since deterioration from 12seconds to 8 seconds putting it one per cent behind a gold fish tolerant by 9seconds.

We speak to one of Africa’s leading neuroscientist and researcher at University of Kwazulu/Natal -UKZN’s Dr Qulu, to give us a few positive key points of action she said, continue reading, exercise, healthy diet and avoiding unhealthy stress are vital elements which increase brain capacity and health.
She further informs us of her current study whose inquest focuses and seeks insight into the links between early life stress and the act of rape by the male perpetrator. Connect World TV will keep you informed on her findings as this will assist us further in the journey against gender-based violence-GBV.

Thursday 13 December 2018 10:00 GMT [CWSN] Kesia Qulu

Source: Happenings.lpu.in

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