18 years later DRC takes to the polls for Kabila successor

1million bared from voting, unrest and lack of preparation causes delay.

1million registered voters remain disqualified to an Ebola outbreak in the East of Congo. The opposition has criticized this decision and views it as discourage men’s to the election.

Hundreds of DRC hopefuls have claimed their spots in cues across the country, since the early hours of the morning to cause through their vote a change in government. Voters list baring an estimated forty million names remains absent continuing to delay national elections commencement in Kinshasa.

According to the country’s Electrical commission chief, they are 49 centres in Kinshasa still without the said listings. If successful this day will mark the Democratic Republic of Congo’s(DRC)’ first democratic electoral process since 1960.

The wealth and value of the DRC’s to the world: Cassiterite, wolframite, gold ore cobalt, copper, iron and more. These conflict minerals control the globe’s industrial revolutionary products such as Smartphones and electric cars. These have subjected the people of the DRC to genocide, underdevelopment and corruption.

Martin Fayulu and Felix Tshisekedi, remain the two oppositional leaders in the run for presidency alongside Kabila’s possible successor are challenging Kabila’s minister Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary.

Despite the flooded streets of Kinshasa, Kabila and Shadary cast their vote at central Gombe Institute.

“My message today to my compatriots is to come and vote for their candidates and brave the rain,” Joseph Kabila said. His preference asks for peace and says “I am very confident in victory.”

Martin Fayulu, Lead candidate cast his vote and said,Martin Fayulu
“Today, we are writing the end of Kabila, the end of misery for Congolese people,”. “Congo will stop being the laughingstock of the world.”

Sunday 30December 2018 12:00GMT [CWSN] Kesia Qulu

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