Opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi Wins the DRC Presidential elections

Image courtesy of Al Jazeera

The DRC’s Catholic Church, Belgium , France and runner-up reject presidential results and claim there is a mismatch with that compiled by its observers.

The results came as a shocking result to many voters who expected victory to favour Martin Faluyu, who was among the leading candidates. In an interview with Radio France International, he simply said, “These results have nothing to do with the truth at the ballot box.”

The DRC’s declared winner FelixTshisekedi the, 55, eagerly hopes to occupy the presidential seat as aspered his late father who founded the Union for Democracy and Social Progress -UDPS, in 1982.

4% took away the presidency from Martin Fayulu who throughout the elections seemed widely supported.

Felix Tshisekedi: 38%, Fayulu Madidi: 34%, Shadari Ramazani: 23%

Thursday 10 January 2018 20:40 GMT [CWSN] Kesia Qulu

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