Happy Valentine’s Day lovers.

It’s Valentine’s Day when love through the sexual hormone and organs find more attention from men and women around the world, calls and luring eyes set the tone with flowers.

Love is the most powerful emotional drive in the universe, which existence and control between a man and a woman triggers strong and often uncontrollable sexual mating desires often referred to as: “Attraction”. Under this overwhelming feeling, parties especially women, lose their logic and entire selves in the other and allow the ruling emotion to control every sphere of their life. Career and Family often suffer most isolation and rejection during this time as passion through body and mind summon ones physical self for pleasure, stress reduction and reproduction purposes.

So, I struck a conversation with my friend over a well-deserving good cup of coffee overlooking the sea at Durban’s North beach, on a question: which ‘contraceptive’ do you use my friend and prefer? None my darling and never have she replies. “I’m on DEPO and would rather not have sex if I must use a condom, it takes the pleasure right out of it. Sex between two people who trust each other is bonding when unprotected, though he leaves a part of himself inside you every time.” Well at this time, I’m nodding away at a loss for words seeing how anyone can be as gullible as her in this day and age but I spared her my real thoughts as she was undergoing quiet a trying time.

Pretty much every adult has experienced this particular natural pleasure of life we call: Unprotected Sex and through it some conceived and became mothers, while others contract incurable disease and Sexually Transmissible Infections (STI). Without sounding like a neurotic or putting a damper on one life’s greatest pleasure, young people hit the streets on Valentine’s Days, other days alike and in general with no condoms in their pockets, or pregnancy preventative measures and let it all hang out in the name of love to a significant other who’s sexing more than one. Some women and men are lucky to contract nothing from an unprotected multi-partner sexual relationship. According to UNAID 39.9 million people are living with HIV/AIDS and 1.8 million children worldwide and that a majority of these children were infected by their mothers during breastfeeding. There is no arguing that this lackadaisical populous of people account for a reasonable number of people living with HIV.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers.

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