Nigerian elections: Vote rigging and violence

Bloodshed in the south, gunfire in the north-East and further chaos throughout the country were the portion of citizens as reports of technical challenges and vote rigging surface.

A presidential and parliamentary week long-delayed elections finally held Saturday 23. At the crack of dawn, voters took to the polls to make their mark against their preferred presidential candidate. Around 120 000 stations were opened from 7 am

Situation room on twitter a group of independent election monitors said “16 deaths have been recorded across 8 states. Disruption of voting, ballot boxes, and papers set ablaze by political thugs in Lagos.” While Analysts SBM intelligence reported a total of 233 people were killed in 67 separate election violence associated events.

In an interview, police spokesperson Nnamdi Omoni said Some criminals dressed in military clothing came into voting stations in the Okrika area and confiscated voting materials. “Police have moved in to restore order in Okrika and INEC (Independent national electoral commission) is making efforts to ensure voters are not disenfranchised in the area.” He sai

Buhari 76-year-old Nigeria’s Current seating president, former army general and businessmen who took rains from good luck Johnathan 4 years back, won the hearts of voters through the promise of 10 million jobs, infrastructure, and corruption eradication. However, the rise of living and authoritarianism charges labeled against him are said to threaten his second win

Challenger Atiku Abubakar 72-year-old for vice president of Nigeria between 1999 to 2007 and businessmen campaign declared to privatize the leviathan state-run oil firm in order to grow the economy and raise the naira currency and put an end to multi-exchange rates. AFP reporters that officials in Port Harcourt, have begun counting votes.

Saturday 23 February 2019 19:00 GMT [CWSN] Kesia Qulu

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