The KwaZulu Natal Department of Health –KZNDH HOD, Dr Musa Gumede confirms and warns communities’ concerned about untreated tap-water use.

Abaquluse, Zululand and surrounding area residents have since the 22 March experienced sudden chronic diarrhea, which has seen report from report 54, admission of 5 children and 7 adults in their local hospitals.

HOD Dr Gumede further said that 6 more people from Bhekulu SASCO and Dumbe Mpila Nyoni were admitted into hospital on 26 March all with reports of frightful diarrhea, which unconfirmed source is likely to be the stream of water through the tap.

He affirmed after having collected the specimen from the affected areas that the Health Department in Abaquluse and Zululand municipalities’ commitment to finding the source and eradication thereof.

The public is warned from drinking untreated tap water until further notification. Residents must ensure to boil water before use or drink bottled water purchasable from stores.

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