Xenophobia is a suspect – Repatriation Durban Malcolm Canham #FOREIGNER

A crime of theft by a Malawian to a South African national causes a feud and resulted in the displacement and repatriation of 250 foreigners.

On Tuesday 26, March a Malawian Benwood resident stole goods from a South African national which sparked aggressive retaliation by a few South African individuals. This incident created discomfort in the homes of other non-participant Malawians dwelling within. Fearing for their lives they fled to seek refuge in a safety campsite in Sherwood prepared by the Ethekwini Municipality’s Disaster Management.

On one hand, according to Wrightwell Sake, 26-year-old Benwood Malawian community leader, out of the total number of the camped individuals seeking safety, there is an amalgamation of status some in possession of Asylum permits and some undocumented. Among those documented, there is vulnerability due to confiscation thereof by authorities.

On the other, Zwakele Mncwango, DA Provincial Leader and Julius Jacques Spokesperson hold the African National Congress (ANC) responsible for these outbreaks due to the failure to secure borders, provide better systems that create cohesive relations between locals and visitors to boost the economy.

With annoyance Jacques Spokesperson said, action to call for the unconstitutional stay of undocumented foreigners will cause further problems for home affairs as it encourages abrogation of policy.

Tuesday 2 April 2019:18:00 GMT [CWSN] Kesia Qulu

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