Inkatha Freedom Pary (IFP) launches its Manifesto in Ndwedwe

Inkatha Freedom Pary (IFP) South Africa’s 4th largest political party with its 44 years in the game, today launches its Manifesto in its stronghold Ndwedwe in the reigns of the ANC, North of KwaZulu Natal (KZN) in the Ilembe District.

Its rural and underdeveloped populous predominantly Zulu speaking, is estimated around 140 820 inhabitants most burdened with the highest number of unemployed youth, lack of opportunity and resources, crime, HIV/AIDS, etc.

Among several promises, the IFP is driving its manifesto leads with the following:

– Local Job creation in all municipalities through road networks and infrastructure social economic zones to revive township economy, resuscitate the retail industry within the townships, training of artisans, upskilling of the youth in the area of plumbing, welding boiler making, etc.

Friday 5 April 2019 11:05 GMT [CWSN] Kesia Qulu

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