2019 National and Provincial election: Kwazulu-Natal Acting legislature seats.

2019 National and Provincial election: Kwazulu-Natal Acting legislature seats.

The ANC secured 44, IFP 13, DA 11, EFF 8 seats.The other four NFP, MF, ATM and ACDP each secured a seat based on the IEC’s fraction system.

A three month long political party race to the country’s polls on Wenesday 8 May 2019 saw 3.5 million voters in more than 4 thousand of Kwazulu-Natal’s stations cast a vote for their preference.

The sum of 31 political partys provincially, formed the menu presented to the voter during their secret voting session at the cubicle.

From initial provincial electoral results dispensation clock count, the African National Congress ANC were on the lead constantly and closely contested by the IFP, DA and the EFF.

General in the SAPS Mkwanazi reports on the type of charges and number recorded during 8 May. Although they all varried the 40 criminal and counter cases opened were in the areas of malicious damage to property assault among others. He said,9356 police personel were deployed and that the cluster’s 104 police stations experienced confrontational protests. Meanwhile the IEC Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Sy Mamabolo said an audit is not part of the legislative requirement for the commission.

This is after rumours sufraced on 8 May about individuals voting twice. Mamabolo said “If double voting has happened it must have been on such a grand scale as to influence over 17 million voters. Mamabolo stated the commission has exceeded by conducting a sample study operated by Stats SA.

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