Media alert – Coalition of the Poor demand Ramaphosa to intervene at the eThekwini Metro

Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 May 2019, the KZN Coalition of the poor organisations will picket outside Durban City Hall to demand cllr Zandile Gumede to step down and the national government to intervene urgently.

Citizens of eThekwini have decided that they’re gatvol of eThekwini Municipality inability to provide all and sundry with effective and proper basic services, that any citizen, anywhere in the world expects, and has a right to. Citizens note with much concern and alarm, that the Metro appears, very strongly, to be CAPTURED, resulting in mass-corruption, looting, non-accountability, and break-down in performance and essential services. The worst-hit, are the masses, and POOREST of the POOR, who have been marginalised, neglected, looked- over, forgitten, treated with disdain and contempt, and generally stripped of their dignity. Hence, the Voice of all these Citizens particularly the most vulnerable , disenfranchised , vulnerable, and voiceless of the long- suffering of the populace, the COALITION of the POOR, demands- with much urgency.

Here are the demands:

  • The end to all fraudulent, corrupt and ineffective practice, and looting of eThekwini coffers.
  • Effective service- delivery for all.
  • A Commission of Enquiry be facilitated, to investigate criminality and non- performance within the Municipality.
  • The Metro be placed under/ s administration/ remedial interven – where necessary.
  • Picket Details Date:. 20 and 21 May 2019
  • Time:. 11am- 1pm
  • Venue: Durban City Hall

For more information please contact:

1-  unfortunately, and will be actioned.              Kicking off our efforts, a PICKET is planned for MONDAY and TUESDAY (29/21 May 2019)...outside the City Hall, from 11-00am to 1-00pm. NOTE- the Coalition advocates for CALM and PEACEFUL PROTESTS, at all times.                CITIZENS...!!! ARISE..!!! AWAKE...!!! STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS, AND JUSTICE...!! STOP THE ROT...!! KICK OUT THE CORRUPT AND INEFFICIENT...!!!                    THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN.....!!! AMANDLA...!!!!

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