Power outage hits Durban


The eThekwini Municipality has been successful in their investigation, to finding the cause of the power outage which hit Durban Tuesday morning.

Durban was without power from as early as 6am to 1pm, the municipality had no proper explation of the power cut at the time.

The areas affected included Addington Major, City Central and Cato St. An investigation was then said to be carried out by the municipality to find the cause of the power outage.

Yesterday the eTHekwini municipality issued out an update on the investigation,which clarified that an explosion at the 275Klo Clot Klaarwater major substation, caused the widespread power outage to 50% of areas in Durban

The power has been restored in most parts of Durban, but the technicians are still assessing the damage caused by the explosion.

Wednesday 22 May 2019 20:30 GMT [CWSN] Student Ntombifuthi Ndlovu

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