Pietermaritzburg Today: Kwazulu-Natal Legislature Opens

Zulu monarchy King,Goodwill Zwelithini alonside Premier Sihle Zikalala officiates the opening of the provincial legislature and centres rural agriculture and calls for party unity in the cause.

The provincial 6th administration’s law making, oversight and public participation arm of the state held session before its members. Traditional leaders,Political parties, Government officials, Religious leaders and private sector borrowed ear to the king instructions on how he invisions they manage his sovereign and subjects.

KZN Legislature members -6th administration

The alarming and pathetic 6.1 million 53% national and 23% provincial youth unemployment surge which rewrites with negative attributes the local GDP and social front of the province, saw the king place emphasise in the issue of rural economy-rebuild through cultivating the unutilized 6 million hectares of agriculture land whose 82% is livestock farming ready and 18% for crop.He said that farming of goat, vegetable and marijuana creates the multi production of by-products which then feeds various sectors and indirectly adress economy growth and unemployment.

The king urged politicians to criticise each other constructively and remain united in ensuring the livelihood of the people foremost. “It is also important to consider the role and importance of the opposition in the process of nation-building. “The role of the opposition has been always been important in a democracy or in the consolidation of democracy. KwaZulu-Natal needs a strong‚ constructive opposition for the province to develop for the benefit of all.” The was to be no conclusion until the Zulu Monarchy spoke his mind in the face of women abuse by traditional leaders.

“I would not be speaking the truth if I did not speak the same about the traditional leadership institution of which I am the head. We also need honesty in leading the people. Talks we hear about amakhosi and izinduna who are said to be abusing people, especially women, are a shame to the Zulu nation.

We’re born of Queen Mthaniya, we’re born of powerful women who played a huge role in the liberation struggle and religion, we’re born of businesswomen. So anyone who says we don’t like women is not only mumbling gobbledygook, but does not know us.

Yes, we agree there are some who are doing that and we have a word for them, they are izinswelaboya (animal-like,minded people) Sometimes I feel ashamed because even animals don’t do things done by these people.” Said Bayede

Bayede Part Speech: https://youtu.be/62e4PvVTo2U

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