Durban July: The SATMA and Supavite Impact

The culture and Nutritional brand partnership continues in diversity and job creation.

Durban South Africa’s iconic annual horseracing extravaganza which hosts the greatest and most spectacular horses and Jockeys, Fashion and Lifestyle whose visitors are lavished in sophisticated marques became home to the South African Traditional Music Awards (SATMA) and Supervite experience.

Among millions of delegates flocking to the Durban July, a considerable number of customs and social behaviour observers such as MEC’s, Ministers, Business Executives,celebrities Artists and others graced with celebration the (SATMA) hosted marque.

The SATMA and Supervite movement whose common objective is the empowerment of communities through the freedom of cultural diversity in song, with a strong physical health and income generating drive enjoyed applause from government officials and testimonials. “The founder of the SATMA awards Dumisani Goba has made a huge contribution in the economy of the country through his product Supervite,it has created so many job opportunities for odinary South Africans.It excites me to see such growth in the economy of Durban and KZN and the Durban July is one of those events whose presence is a major contributor.” Nondungele Gina Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry said.

Thandi Morala MEC for sports arts and culture Limpopo said,the presence of her department celebrates the men and women in the creative industry who are not ashamed of their own culture, through music and garments they showcase their own indigenous languages.

Group Chief Executive Officer Mr Nzimande said The SATMA is about traditional music which is all about rhythm. It’s about energy, It’s about strength and that is what you get from Supervite.You eat Supervite and you are healthy. It is also a business opportunity. You sell it and you get wealthy.”

The 2.6% Kwazulu-Natal unemployment rise reported in the Statistics South Africa’s quarterly labour force release, alongside NSFAS challenges and limitations discourages economy growth and paints a bleak picture in the future of the youth. Sbonga Dube through the supervite business opportunity rewrote his life. “I needed to make extra money when I started my tertiary education through NSFAS and I am not the type of person to bother my parents for pocket money, I was then introduced to Supavite and began selling it and grew very fond of it. Not only did I make money from it but eating Supavite improved my memory aswell.”

Lindiwe ntshalitshali MEC for Sports Arts and Culture in an interview, affirmed of a partnership btween the department in Mpumalanga and the brands. She further congratulated the SATMA and Supervite on growth and community impact.

Tuesday 09 July 2019 21:30 GMT [CWSN] Kesia Qulu

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