State Capture Songs: Zuma Spill the beans

While testifying Zuma said the people plotting against him wanted to assassinate his character, because he is said to have a lot of information as the chief of intelligence.

“I have been provoked to the last degree,at first by people who knew what they were doing ,but I have been wanting to save the organisation and to save the country.They make stories.My own family suffered out of this,people forget that I have a family which will not want to hear lies being told about me ,” said Zuma.

Zuma also told the commission that he is receiving threats that they will kill him and his family including his lawyer, because of his testimony.

Chief Justice Zondo declared this as unacceptable and uncalled for.

His testimony continues to insist that he has done nothing wrong and that many are gunning for him including ex minister and lawyer Ngoako Ramatlodi and Journalist Redi Thlabi.

“I watched him when he testified. He said I auctioned the country. What an exaggeration from a lawyer. He can’t tell you what I auctioned. Did I auction Table Mountain? or auction Johannesburg? I don’t know. It’s a lie and there’s nothing of that nature.”Said Zuma.

Zuma’s first appearance took place on the 15th of July 2019 in Parktown Johhanesburg,Where his testimony outlined claims about plots and conspiracies against him and his family .

Former president Jacob Zuma,who had previously been charged with corruption,money laundering and Racketeering ,appeared once again before the commission of inquiry into state capture.

The commission is led by chief Justice Zondo and the sitting takes place in Johhanesburg where Zuma is expected to appear before the commission till Friday the 19th.

Zuma is still expected to name all those he is accusing to use the commission to discredit him as he continues giving testimony.

Tuesday 16 July 2019 11:00 GTM [CWSN] Ntombifuthi Ndlovu

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