Umlazi: Pupils and Learners gas trapped

Mysterious gas leak at uMlazi School lands pupils in hospital.

Vukuzakhe High School in L section of uMlazi in Durban,had to be shut down due to an unknown gas explosion, which was enhaled by pupils and teachers.

The gas increasingly made more and more pupils sick until rescue care services were called to step in.

Rescue care spokesperson Garrith Jamieson said the chemical in the air at Vukuzakhe High School caused the pupils to have seizures.

“It is believed that boys were kicking around some kind of ball and the ball cut open and a chemical was emitted from it “,said Jamieson.

Most pupils complained of an itchy throat and coughing before having seizures and being rushed of to hospital.

50 pupils and 1 teacher are critically hospitalised while the rest of the pupils and staff were taken for a check up at near by hospitals.

It is said that at this stage the chemical is still unknown but the police are still investigating.

Tuesday 16 July 2019 13:46 GTM [CWSN] Ntombifuthi Ndlovu

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