The Mayor of Somalia’s Capital city died yesterday after being extremely wounded in a bombing in his office last week.

Abdirahman Omar Osman Who served as Mayor since January 2018 was in a meeting at his Banadir district office Wednesday 24 July,when an unknown female entered the room and detonated a device. It is still unclear how the women entered the office without setting off metal detectors.

The bombing saw the death of six officials and nine wounded. Osman along with the injured staff members were airlifted to Doha Qatar, for treatment.He succumbed to his injuries on Thursday 01 August.
His son,Mohamed Omar said “Today the people of Mogadishu lose their Mayor but I lost My father. May Allah grant him the highest rank of paradise.”
According to several media reports it is alleged that Militant Jihadi al-Shabab- group claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Saturday 3 August 2019 21:43 GMT [CWSN]
Zimkhitha Nondolongo.

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