A man allegedly allowed his friend and relative to gang-rape his wife after running out of money to gamble with.
Reports by NEWS 18 and NDTV states that the man from India in the Jaunpur district bet on his wife and let his cousin and friend gang-rape her. The victim,claimed that her husband was an alcoholic and had put her on stake while gambling.
Reports said her husband’s friend Arun and relative Anil often used to visit the couple’s home for drinking and gambling and on that day,last month, her husband put her on stake while gambling with Anil and Arun. On losing, the men gang-raped her.
After the terrifying incident,the victim turned to her uncle for help and stayed there. However,the husband found her and apologised and said it was a mistake and took her home.
On the way home,her husband stopped on the way and allowed the two men to gang-rape her once more again.
When the woman complained to the police,they refused to file a complaint,following which,the victim approached the court. The court ordered police to register a case of gang-rape.

Tuesday 6 August 2019 16:40 GTM [CWSN] Zimkhitha Nondolongo.

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